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William Shatner Doesn’t Think You Should Be Verified on Twitter

EXTRA Interview With William Shatner At Westfield Century City
David Buchan— Getty Images William Shatner appears on "EXTRA" at Westfield Century City

William Shatner only wants famous people to be verified

On-again-off-again Twitter user William Shatner has some very strong feelings as to who should and shouldn’t be allowed to be verified on the social platform. And this weekend, the Star Trek alum let the online world know that he is very upset that plebeian social media managers and the like get an honor that should be reserved for Vulcans and Kanye West.

It all started when Shatner got tweeted at alongside Engadget’s social media manager John Colucci, who jokingly replied that it was his new life goal to rival Shatner’s 1.88 million follower count. Shatner was unamused:

In spite of Colucci’s cries of Priceline Negotiator idolatry, Shatner was having NONE of it:


When other Twitter users rushed to the social media guy’s defense, warning Shatner that his mean Twitter play wouldn’t go unnoticed, Shatner retorted:

In the ultimate pouty move, Shatner then asked Twitter to unverify him. The checkmark has lost what once made it special.

Shatner is still verified and now that he’s done ranting, he’s back to doing other social media tropes… complaining about FOMO.

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