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Study: A Third of Amazon Prime Users Never Watch Streaming Video

31 percent of members aren't using Prime for its instant video

Amazon Prime, the online retail giant’s $99-a-year membership service, offers a handful of perks: free two-day shipping, free Kindle downloads and hours upon hours of instant streaming video.

Apparently, however, that last benefit doesn’t matter to many Amazon Prime customers. 31 percent of Prime users say they have “never” used Amazon Instant Video, according to a new survey from RBC Capital Markets.

RBC’s study arrives not long after Amazon quietly unveiled its latest effort to turn Prime into a hub for all your streaming media needs: Amazon Prime Music, which will compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio.

The study also raises a number of questions — mostly, don’t they know what they’re missing? Did this 31 percent not want to spend the spring months binge-watching Veronica Mars in anticipation of its Kickstarter-backed movie? Have they no interest in seeing what all the fuss is about with Orphan Black? Do they not want to pledge their allegiance to the Clone Club? What gives?

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