ALBUQUERQUE, NM - MAY 10: ALBUQUERQUE, NM MAY 10: Arriving Amtrak passengers are seen walking towards the terminal during Amtraks National Train Day on MAY 10, 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The annual event was held at Albuquerques Alvarado Transportation Center. (Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images for Amtrak)
Steve Snowden—2014 Getty Images
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June 13, 2014

Amtrak passengers can already bring their pets on board and be part of a writer’s residency program. Soon, they’ll be able to enjoy better quality Wi-Fi on trains traveling in the Northeast Corridor between Washington and Boston, the company said this week.

“We know that our customers want a consistently reliable and fast on-board Wi-Fi experience—something we cannot guarantee today on our busiest trains when hundreds of customers want to go online at the same time—and we want to make that possible,” Matt Hardison, Amtrak’s chief marketing and sales officer told PC Magazine.

Amtrak is seeking bids for a proof-of-concept plans, with the goal of raising available bandwidth per train from the current 10Mbps to a minimum of 25Mbps, Amtrak said.


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