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This Girl Looks Exactly Like Elsa From Frozen

Though to be fair, you throw any pretty blonde girl into a light blue dress and you'll get a decent Elsa

Eighteen-year-old Anna Faith from Florida looks so much like everyone’s favorite Disney snow queen that she’s making money off the resemblance. Behold:

Tune in to 106.7 if you're in Daytona beach!!!! I'm on soon :)

A photo posted by Anna Faith (@annafaithxoxo) on

Faith has become something of an entrepreneur by starting her own Elsa lookalike business. She even recruited a friend to dress up as Elsa’s younger sister, Anna, and the two make appearances at schools and birthday parties:

Oh hello there!!!🌸 @lexiegracelove

A photo posted by Anna Faith (@annafaithxoxo) on

Here they are singing Let It Go, obviously:

So much fun!!! @brittlee.xoxo

A video posted by Anna Faith (@annafaithxoxo) on

Faith even went to her prom as Elsa, because why not:

Now, yes, you might be thinking that Elsa is generic-looking enough that any pretty blonde with flowing locks could call herself a lookalike. The key is in the eyebrow, though, and Faith’s arch game is on point:

Sorry, had to 👑

A photo posted by Anna Faith (@annafaithxoxo) on

(h/t Jezebel)

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