James Franco and Seth Rogen Are In a Movie That Totally Isn’t a Pineapple Express Sequel

The trailer for The Interview has arrived

James Franco and Seth Rogen are, by all traditional metrics, an unlikely pairing. Then again, so are nearly all of the legendary buddy comedy couplings — Hope and Crosby, Lemmon and Matthau, Belushi and Aykroyd, Tucker and Chan. Now there’s a trailer for their follow-up to 2008 cult hit Pineapple Express. This time, Franco and Rogen aren’t stoners on the run from corrupt cops and angry drug dealers, they’re TV news reporters heading to North Korea and tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-un.

Though the premises of Pineapple and Interview are wildly different, the new trailer give the impression that they could follow a similar arc — buddy comedy-turned-action film by the end (this time with tanks!). Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg both wrote both films, so there’s a good bet if you liked Pineapple Express (not to mentioned last year’s excellent This Is the End), you’ll probably enjoy this offering as well. It’s set to hit theaters Oct. 10.

Also, even though this totally isn’t a sequel to Pineapple Express, let’s hope they answer Chet Haze’s pressing question about the etymology of the word “pineapple.” Don’t tell me you’re not curious too.

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