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Jonah Hill Talks Watching His Not-So-Mom-Friendly Movies With His Mom

Jonah Hill dropped by Late Night and confessed it can be kind of awkward to watch his raunchy movies with his mom.

Superbad and Knocked Up probably aren’t the first movies you would think to put on if you wanted to watch something with your mom. But that isn’t the case for their star, Jonah Hill.

Visiting Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday, Hill said that even though his movies aren’t all that mom-friendly, he still sits down to watch them with his dear mother, although some are easier to get through than others.

“It’s all fun and games until you pull your d*ck out of your pants,” Hill said about watching The Wolf of Wall Street.

Clearly his mother feels the same about her “favorite child,” adding “I think I’ve seen enough of your body of work.”

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