Ghana Netherlands World Cup Teams
(L-R) Arjan Robben of Holland, Michael Essien of Ghana during the International friendly match between The Netherlands and Ghana on May 31, 2014 at the Kuip stadium in Rotterdam. Getty Images

Which World Cup Team Is the Most Valuable?

Jun 06, 2014

On Thursday, FIFA announced the 23 players for each of the 32 World Cup teams. All put together, these 786 players have a total market value of $9.69 billion, according to the trading site Transfermarkt. The priciest squad taking the field in Brazil this month? Spain. The scrappiest? Honduras. The Spanish squad's players have a market value of $916 million, representing 9.5% of the total market. That's nearly 34 times the Honduran team's $31.1 million value, which accounts for 0.32% of the market.

Use the interactive below to compare values between teams and their players. Click on club teams to see which professional teams have sent players to the global tournament.

Player market value is determined by many factors like individual and club team performance, international experience, contract history and age, which in part explains why Lionel Messi (26) is worth $177 million while Cristiano Ronaldo (29) is worth $147 million.


Market values are from Transfermarkt and converted at $1.67 per pound. All flags: Getty Images.

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