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John Green Wants The Fault In Our Stars to Beat Tom Cruise’s Movie This Weekend

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The author thinks beating a big budget summer film would send a good message to Hollywood

John Green’s young adult novel-turned-movie will hit theaters Friday, and even though the highly anticipated film already broke some pre-sales records, Green has his eyes on another target. During a live streaming Google Hangout on Wednesday, the author admitted to fans that he really wants to beat Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow in box-office sales this weekend.

“I don’t think we have a real chance, but I think it would be really cool to beat the Tom Cruise movie that’s coming out this weekend,” Green said. “Fault in our Stars cost $12 million to make—it’s a tiny, tiny movie from a Hollywood perspective—and that Tom Cruise movie cost like $185 million to make. I think it would be a really great statement if we won.”

Green, who said he won’t make more money based on movie ticket sales, said that while Edge of Tomorrow looks great, a low-budget book adaptation’s summer success “would be a big thing to say to Hollywood.”

You can watch the live stream below. Green talks opening weekend numbers at the 30-minute mark:

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