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The Top 10 Best Cheesy Foods

James And James—Getty Images Macaroni and Cheese on White

In celebration of National Cheese Day

Did you guys know it’s National Cheese Day? According to this totally reliable calendar on the equally reliable website Food.com, June 4th is the day we celebrate one of the greatest ingredients known to man: CHEEEEEESE.

Grab a Babybel from the work fridge, play a String Cheese Incident album and enjoy the below very official ranking of the top 10 best cheesy foods.

10. Cheese and crackers

9. Nachos

8. Cheese fondue

7. Quesadilla

6. Cheese fries

5. Cheesecake

4. Mozzarella sticks

3. Grilled cheese

2. Extra cheese pizza

1. Mac & cheese (duh)

Now that we’ve got you starving for cheese, check out the best easy, cheesy recipes.

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