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Singer Bret Michaels Suffers Medical Emergency on Stage

Anthony Behar—Sipa USA/AP Singer Bret Michaels performs at the "Sing For Your Supper Campaign" Launch at Hard Rock Cafe in New York, NY, on April 15, 2014.

The former Poison front man and Type 1 diabetes sufferer rushed off stage as his blood sugar plummeted to dangerous levels. He apologized to fans

Singer Bret Michaels urgently ended a New Hampshire concert Thursday, after suffering a medical emergency.

The former Poison front man suffers from Type 1 diabetes, and rushed off the stage three songs into his set after his blood sugar plummeted to dangerously low levels.

When guitarist Pete Evick went to the band’s bus to check on Michaels, “he could barely speak, but begged me to apologize to the fans,” wrote Evick on Michaels’ Facebook page.

Michaels, who won the 2010 “Celebrity Apprentice” for raising money for the American Diabetes Association, also offered thanks to the paramedics who assisted him.

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