Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
John Moore—Getty Images

Girl Scouts Take a Break From Selling Cookies to Bust Shoplifters

Mar 14, 2014

Fueled by the power of Thin Mints, Texas Girl Scout troop 129007 took a break from selling cookies outside a grocery store to fight some crime. (I spy a made-for-Disney movie in the making).

The girls told a local news station that suspicions were raised when they spotted a man sneakily pushing a full shopping cart out of the HEB grocery store. The girls went to the store employees who found out that the man and an accomplice were stealing upwards of $2,000 in merchandise.

“He was stealing a lot of stuff,” said Girl Scout Hailey Matthews. "We caught the bad guy."

But at the end of the day, it was still all about business. Crime fighting inspired the HEB staff to go outside and buy some Samoas. Said Hailey, "I was excited that she bought $100 worth of cookies."

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