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Man Arrested for Saying He’ll Shoot a Stranger for 100 Retweets

Luckily the police know how to use the internet, too

Wednesday night, 20-year-old Dakkari Dijon McAnuff tweeted a picture of a rifle aimed outside of a window in Los Angeles. The message read: “100 RT’s and I’ll shoot someone walking.” Luckily the LAPD knows how to use the Internet, too, and McAnuff was promptly arrested.

Using McAnuff’s Twitter handle, the police were able to track his home right down tho the block. He’s currently in jail with $50,000 bail.

Although McAnuff’s @StillDMC Twitter is currently defunct, his Tumblr — the background of which shows him pointing a gun at viewers — Vine, and Instagram still appear to be working. According to his Instagram bio, he works in A&R at Paragon Entertainment Group.

Whether this was a legitimate threat or a really dumb joke, the moral of the story here is that 100 retweets realllllly isn’t worth jail time.

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