TIME animals


Kyle Chayka

This is not a drill.

In the southern United Kingdom a few days ago, there was a real, live catnado—a tornado filled with kittens instead of, you know, sharks. Seriously.

According to the Belfast Telegraph stable-owner Shirley Blay described a “mini tornado” that lifted up a shed her granddaughter was inside. After destroying the shed, the tornado went on to suck up four feral cats in the yard. “They just went round like a big paper bag,” Blay said. (A rough rendering of the catastrophic event created by TIME is at right.)

This is clear evidence of the world’s first catnado. Fortunately, no one was killed in the resulting whir of fur, claws, and teeth, unlike the shark version. We’re still waiting on an octonado full of octopi, a sluggish slothnado, and a dogenado full of semi-literate Internet memes.

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