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Go Home, Technology — You’re Drunk: App-Connected Bra Can Only Be Unhooked with True Love

Okay, technology. That's enough for one week. Let's get a good night's sleep tonight, lay low this weekend, and try again on Monday.

Okay, technology. That’s enough for one week. Let’s get a good night’s sleep tonight, lay low this weekend, and try again on Monday.

The True Love Tester by Japan’s Ravijour appears to only be a concept – meaning not for purchase – so we’ve got that going for us. But the general idea is that this bra connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and can only be unhooked when sensors built into the bra detect true love.

And what’s true love, you ask? Well, I’m just a humble tech blogger, so the answer to that question is beyond my purview. If I’m honest, it’s a perfectly cooked cheeseburger with bacon and a fried egg on it, with a tall, ice-cold IPA flanking the left side of the plate.

But according to the people behind this bra, true love is a secretion of something called catecholamine. It’s apparently a substance that’s only secreted when you’re truly in love. No phonies! The bra detects it, relays an a-okay signal to the app, at which point your partner has access to your earthly delights. Something like that.

Here’s a video, because of course there’s a video:

No telling if or when we’ll ever see an actual product like this, but we’re an industrious species. If we want something badly enough, it’ll happen. In a sense, perhaps only true love can turn this true love tester into a purchasable product.

Product page (in Japanese) [Ravijour via Newlaunches]

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