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How To Improve the World in 140 Characters

Mar 13, 2014

Can you make the world better in 140 characters or less? We asked online luminaries for their best ideas. Tweet your own using #TIMEIDEAS.

  • @mariobatali, Chef, cookbook author and restaurateur: "The first step to empowering a new generation to innovate and thrive is to make sure every child is fed."
  • @MalalaFund, (Malala Yousafzai), Founder: "The best way to fight terrorism is to fight ignorance with books and pens."
  • @llcoolj, Entertainment icon: "More love, more kindness, more selfless acts."
  • @susancain, Author of "QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" and co-founder of the Quiet Revolution: ""Introverts today are roughly where women were 50 years ago. Time for a Quiet Revolution!"
  • @rickygervais, Creator and star of "The Office" and "Extras" actor, writer, comedian: "Remember: When you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It's only painful and difficult for others. The same applies when you are stupid."
  • @robdelaney, Comedian: "Read a book to a kid. Hopefully they'll live longer than you and maybe do something good with their life. Worth a shot?"
  • @stevewoz, (Steve Wozniak), Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.: "The only person you must convince in a disagreement is yourself. When someone is bad to you, be good to them. Make peace, not war."
  • @nancylublin, CEO of @dosomething: "More big data for social change, like @CrisisTextLine. (And free chocolate for everyone.)"
  • @adambraun, Founder of @pencilsofpromis: "Ensure everyone had a great mentor and teacher in their life at all times."
  • @nespector, (Nancy Spector), Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Guggenheim Museum: "With the best art, everything you thought you knew comes into question, even who you are. And we need to remember that this is a good thing."
  • @scotthoying, Singer, @PTXofficial: "If music is the language of the world, then just imagine how beautiful a 7 billion part harmony would be."
  • @SarahRobbOh, (Sarah Robb O'Hagan), President of Equinox: "I'm thinking team sports that involve boys n girls together. So they learn what gr8 gender balance feels like at an early age. #WinTogether"
  • @alexisohanian, Co-founder of @reddit, investor, entrepreneur: "What if we all had to live a day in someone else's body? That'd be interesting. Someone work on the app for that."
  • @AdamMGrant, Wharton professor and author of "Give and Take:" "A new definition of success: not just what you achieve, but also what you help others achieve."
  • @humansofny, (Brandon Stanton), Creator, Humans of New York: "Free internet from outer space for the whole world."
  • @patkiernan, Anchor, NY1: "The tech breakthrough that would change everything: Affordable renewable energy (and batteries to store it)."
  • @kevinroose, Author of "Young Money" and @nymag reporter: "Eliminate those plastic clamshell packages that are impossible to open without industrial-strength scissors and also global hunger."
  • @benjlerer, Founder, Thrillist Media Group: "The Monday after the Super Bowl should be declared National Hangover Day and all businesses should be closed."
  • @thegothamgal, (Joanne Wilson), Founder of the blog Gotham Gal and Gotham Gal Ventures: "Have more women rule the world. Lead our countries and our companies. Legalize pot in every state. #change"
  • @teddygoff, Partner at Precision Strategies: "More disruption! An app in every pot. Oh, and campaign finance reform, without which other meaningful reforms will not happen."
  • @NellSco, (Nell Scovell), Journalist and TV writer: "Be female positive and carbon neutral. #fixedit"
  • @hmason, (Hilary Mason), Data Scientist in Residence, @Accel Partners: "We should build technology to be empowering to people, not businesses!"
  • @cyrusmassoumi, Founder and CEO of @zocdoc: “$6.5 trillion opportunity: Make healthcare as user-friendly as every other consumer industry.”
  • @mary_roach, Author of "GULP" and "STIFF:" "If the curb space fits two cars, don't park in the middle of it. Don't be that guy."
  • @vpostrel, (Virginia Postrel), Author of "The Power of Glamour" and a columnist for @BloombergView: "Get over 'one best way.' Nobody's normal. People are different. Stop trying to make everyone like you. 'Like'=both verb & preposition."
  • @marcidale, (Marci Harris), CEO of @popvox: "We can change the world by recognizing every person on the planet as an individual with dignity, worth & agency, rather than a statistic."
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