Russia Will Build More Nuclear Power Stations in Iran

Moscow agrees to help Tehran increase its nuclear capacity, in defiance of international sanctions on the regime

Russia reached an agreement with Iran Tuesday to build two more nuclear power plants in Iran, reportedly in exchange for thousands of barrels of the country’s oil.

The two power stations are due to be constructed in the city of Bushehr in southwestern Iran, next to the country’s first nuclear power plant, reports Iranian news agency FNA. “Iran and Russia reached a preliminary agreement to build at least two new nuclear power plants,” Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

Iran’s ambassador to Moscow announced in February that Russia would be willing to exchange goods and equipment for potentially 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day. Nations in the West had expressed concern about a deal between Russia and Iran potentially complicating chances of reaching an agreement over Iran’s nuclear capacity.


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