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Grammys 2014: Trent Reznor Blasts Producers on Twitter: F*** You!

The first rule of NIN Club: You do not cut off NIN Club mid-song

Closing out the show with an all-star rock lineup that included Dave Grohl, Lindsay Buckingham and Queens of the Stone Age, Trent Reznor figured he and his mega-rock pals were having the last word at the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony. Not so much when it came to the closing credits of the show, which were rolled over the musicians’ medley before abruptly cutting them off.

Mr. “Head Like A Hole,” the mastermind behind Nine Inch Nails, would rather die than give a network control of his moment in the lights. He took to Twitter to vent with a big fat F Bomb:

Or maybe it’s just because he’s trying to draw attention to his new EP, courtesy of his new streaming project Beats Music.

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