The Colorado State Government Made These Ads About Smoking and Driving — And They’re Funny Even If You Aren’t High

The Colorado Department of Transportation unveiled a series of humorous commercials in which it's fine to get really stoned just as long as you are not behind the steering wheel -- part of the "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign

The Colorado Department of Transportation released a set of commercials that says it’s totally cool to get stoned to the point of incapacitation. Just don’t drive. Even though the state’s $1 million television ad campaign goes by the expected name “Drive High, Get a DUI,” it approaches the PSA with refreshing humor.

You can see the rest of the ads below:

Thus far, Colorado has trained 200 drug recognition officers to gauge whether a driver is under the influence or not. If a person is on the road with more than 5 nanometers of THC in his or her system, that constitutes a DUI. Better stay at home and eat Funions instead.

(h/t: Business Insider)

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