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Oops: Kindergarten Teacher Accidentally Posts Class Photo To Tinder

Aaaaaand swipe.

There are plenty of things one expects to see on Tinder: Duck-face selfies, unfortunate pictures of male anatomy, Sarah Palin holding a fish. But a kindergarten class is not one of them. And yet…

Twitter user @SonicViolence was flipping through Tinder the other day when he noticed something strange: A photo of a kindergarten class. On an internet hook-up site.

The account belonged to Jennifer Carnley, an elementary school teacher. For her part, Carnley has no idea how her class’ photo ended up as her profile pic on the dating site. “Yeah I am not exactly sure how that happened,” Carnley told The Daily Dot. “I know Tinder takes photos from your Facebook account, but my Facebook linked to Tinder is not this Facebook. I am not sure how that happened because I am never on this Facebook when using that app.”

Due to the way Tinder operates, it’s completely plausible that uploading the class photo was an accident. When you first log into the app, it asks if it can access your Facebook profile, and if you click yes, it accesses your entire Facebook history, including photos. If you have a photo of your brother’s pet pug, your college roommate’s newborn baby or, yes, the adorable class photo of the kindergarten you teach, if you’re not paying close attention —or not particularly Tinder savvy — it could end up as your profile picture on Tinder, which could explain why you keep getting matched with dogs and babies.

Carnley has since deleted her Tinder account, which–yeah, probably for the best.

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