A rock outcrop in the outback of Queensland, Australia. Tim Laman—National Geographic/Getty Images

German Tourist Lost in the Australian Outback Survives on Flies

Mar 07, 2014

Lost in Australia’s outback for almost three weeks, German tourist Daniel Dudzisz survived by eating flies, according to police.

Dudzisz had been out hiking in central West Queensland when he got lost and stranded between two flooded parts of a river. Police says that when a motorist discovered the 26-year-old on Thursday, he was “safe and well” and refused medical treatment.

“He was certainly hungry, but other than that he was in reasonable spirits,” police inspector Mark Henderson told the TV-station ABC. “He joked about never going hungry in the Australian outback because of the amount of flies you can eat for their protein, apparently.”

Repeated search attempts by quad bike and helicopter had failed to locate Dudzisz, who is now determined to continue his walk to the Northern Territory.

“He has made an agreement now that he will stick to the main roads now rather than going cross country,” Henderson said.


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