Muslim Families Won’t Get a ‘Fun Day’ at Legoland Because of Right-Wing Threats

Prince George Of Cambridge Takes His Place In Legoland
Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images A model of Buckingham Palace at the Legoland resort in Windsor, England. Muslim families have been prevented from enjoying the park

For some reason, British ultra-nationalists have a problem with Muslims enjoying Lego

A Legoland theme park in Windsor, England said it had to cancel an Islamic group’s “fun day” and temporarily close for business following a torrent of abusive threats from right wing extremists.

The BBC reports that the theme park was slated to hold a private event for the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) this Sunday, when threats flooded into the company’s Facebook page, email accounts and voicemails. The park cancelled the event, citing security concerns.

Legoland said in a public statement that it was”extremely sorry” and promised a full refund for affected families. The MRDF said the event was open to all faiths and called the threats “an outright attack on Islam and Muslims in the UK.”


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