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Brand You Never Heard of Is Begging You Not to Stop Eating It

That's one way not to do social media marketing for Lent...

Pretzel Crisps is really, really worried that people are going to give it up for Lent. So as part of a strange social media marketing move, it took to Twitter to randomly beg people not to forego the snack.

A BuzzFeed editor was implored to not give it up. (He wasn’t going to … he has no idea what Pretzel Crisps are …)

pretzel chip twitter

As did a writer for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Social media marketing can be tricky. And although this isn’t the worst Twitter gimmick we’ve seen, Pretzel Crisps’ random piggybacking onto a religious holiday (with relatively impersonal messaging) seems a little off.

Ash Wednesday isn’t typically a notable day on marketers’ calendars, but in a social media-centric world, it’s not entirely surprising for a company to try to tie itself to any event:

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