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Worst Human Beings On the Planet Trick Girl Scouts With Counterfeit Money

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
John Moore—Getty Images

What is going on with people?

First, there was the guy who swiped $40 from Girl Scouts who were raising money to buy cookies for soldiers overseas. Now, there are the man and woman who reportedly managed to steal both cookies and cash from a southern California troop by using counterfeit money.

The thieves apparently bought several boxes of cookies and paid with counterfeit $50 bills, thus receiving their change in real cash, ABC affiliate KABC reports. The Girl Scouts had even tested the bills with a counterfeit detection pen, but they passed the test.

“The girls are heartbroken,” said troop leader Cheryl Williams. “Because they do trust, this is a life lesson for them.”

The incident occurred outside a grocery store, and officials are reviewing surveillance video to try and identify the suspects. In the meantime, the girls are responsible for the $200 they lost from the scam.

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