Kevin Spacey Fields Questions that Female Celebrities Get Asked On the Red Carpet

Mar 05, 2014

If we've learned anything from House of Cards, it's that Kevin Spacey is skilled at being terrifying. He's also skilled, we now know, at answering the types of questions female celebrities get asked on the Red Carpet. At the Oscars on Sunday, BuzzFeed threw a series of inquiries at the actor focusing entirely on his appearance and not at all on his work or his talent.

Just kidding, though -- Spacey's actually kind of helpless at fielding these queries. He genuinely doesn't seem to know what a "mani-pedi" is or what the hell "Spanx" are. Some of his answers, however, are just perfect. "It just happens," he said, when asked who did his hair. "It's not a big deal."

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