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Intel Shows Off Health-Tracking Smart Shirt

Insert corny "wearable" joke here.

For all the talk about smartwatches, smart rings and smart earbuds, maybe the cleverest place to put wearable technology is on the clothes we’re already wearing.

At least that’s what Intel’s thinking. The chip maker used Re/code’s Code Conference to show off a smart T-shirt that can track your heart rate and other health data. As The Next Web explains, Intel partnered with smart clothing firm AiQ to design the sensor-laden shirt. The shirt’s electronics live in a separate box that you can unplug when it’s laundry time.

There’s no word on pricing, but Intel says the shirt will become an actual product this summer. And don’t worry; according to Engadget, Intel envisions all kinds of other places for wearables, including “eyes, ears, wrist and torso.”

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