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And America’s Most Gridlocked Cities Are…

Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters Traffic is backed up at Los Angeles International Airport Nov. 22, 2013

On average last year, drivers in the 10 most traffic-jammed cities spent 47 hours (more than a typical work week) behind the wheel. But that's nothing in Los Angeles

The most gridlocked U.S. cities of 2013 have been revealed, and it doesn’t look good for California.

With three cities among traffic information and driver services provider INRIX’s annual Traffic Scorecard top 10, the Golden State may soon earn the moniker the Taillight-Red State. As usual, Los Angeles is worst of all, with commuters averaging 64 hours wasted in traffic per year. However, Honolulu and San Francisco follow close behind.

On average, drivers in the ten most traffic-jammed cities spent 47 hours — more than a typical working week — behind the wheels each year. However, that isn’t necessarily terrible news. Increased traffic could also signal growth in employment, as in the case of Austin, Texas, San José, Calif., Seattle, Wash., and Boston, Mass.

Top 10 most gridlocked cities in the U.S. 2013:

  1. Los Angeles, Calif. Commuters spent an average 64 hours in traffic.
  2. Honolulu, Hawaii. 60 hours.
  3. San Francisco, Calif. 56 hours.
  4. Austin, Texas. 41 hours.
  5. New York, N.Y. 53 hours.
  6. Bridgeport, Conn. 42 hours.
  7. San José, Calif. 37 hours.
  8. Seattle, Wash. 37 hours.
  9. Boston, Mass. 38 hours.
  10. Washington, D.C. 40 hours.


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