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Australian Vessel Rescues Shipwrecked Iranians Adrift in International Waters

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Brendon Thorne / Getty Images Sailors aboard the HMAS Darwin stand in formation on Oct. 5, 2013 in Sydney, Australia

Warship saves 13 people off the coast of Pakistan

An Australian warship in route to the Middle East for anti-piracy operations rescued 13 Iranians who had been adrift in the open sea for five days, according to AFP.

The beleaguered sailors were floating on pieces of their boat that had been hit by an unidentified craft days earlier.

“HMAS Darwin launched a rigid-hull inflatable boat, provided food, water, minor medical care and safety to the shipwrecked men,” said Australia’s Department of Defense.

The Australian vessel stayed with the men until a Pakistani ship came to take them back to shore.


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