By Laura Stampler
March 4, 2014

Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend of two years Olivier Sarkozy are reportedly engaged.

That’s what unnamed sources told Us Weekly. On Monday the star, who hasn’t confirmed the rumors, was spotted with what looks like an engagement ring of J.Lo proportions.

Here it is! Mary Kate Olsen’s engagement ring. The heavy gold makes me slightly suspicious it’s a decoy? Weigh in.

— Emily L. Foley (@EmilyLFoley) March 4, 2014

If the engagement rumors are true, that means Olsen will become a stepmother to the 44-year-old banker’s (and half brother to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy) children, Julien, 12, and Margo, 10.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to forget that the 27-year-old fashion designer isn’t a catchphrase-loving toddler or child detective anymore. And it’s especially hard when we see pictures like this:

Congrats to Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy on their engagement. I hope someday we’ll all be this happy/scared.

— Robert Kessler (@robertkessler) February 28, 2014

Olsen’s camp have not yet responded to TIME’s request for confirmation. We’ll keep you posted.

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