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The Most Powerful #YesAllBiblicalWomen Tweets

May 28, 2014

The shooting spree in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Friday--and suspect Elliot Rodger's manifesto against women that appears to have been behind it--prompted an online conversation critiquing the beliefs society instills in men about women.

But alongside the #YesAllWomen hashtag cropped up another one--#YesAllBiblicalWomen--as people began imagining the way the women of the Bible would contribute to the #YesAllWomen conversation if they could speak today.

Feminist Jewish and Christian theology is a relatively new development in each faith's history, and many of the women in the Bible, as these tweets suggest, experienced consequences of male entitlement. Here's a selection of the #YesAllBiblicalWomen tweets, each sharing a Biblical woman's story, from @AllBibleWomen and others:

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