Here’s Why Traffic Will Be Even More Terrible Than Usual This Memorial Day Weekend

Getty Images Traffic jam in downtown Chicago

You probably should have started driving to your vacation destination yesterday

In case you needed one more reason to hate the polar vortex, AAA has a pretty good one for you. According to a new report, the never-ending winter inspired just about everyone to start their summer vacationing as early as possible. Plus, consumer spending is up this year, and gas prices are steady. All that means that there will be more traffic this Memorial Day Weekend than ever.

AAA Travel projects that 36.1 million Americans will travel 50-plus miles from their house this weekend, which is 1.5% higher than last year. Since 88% of travelers will be getting to their final destination by car, traffic will be 2.6% higher than the 10-year historical average.

Here’s an infographic outlining all of the unfortunate news. At least you have sunlight to look forward to once you get off the highway!

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