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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Over the Fact That This Ice Cream Vendor Was Attacked With a Fudge Pop

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That's pretty cold, man

When you’re desperate, anything can be used as a weapon — you just have to be a tad creative and very determined. For example, when this man got into a dispute with an ice cream truck driver over how much change he was supposed to receive, he wielded a good old fashioned fudge bar as his weapon.

The ice cream vendor told police in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that the man accused her of not providing correct change, the Associated Press reports. That’s when he busted out the fudge bar and apparently smacked the vendor. Police who arrived on the scene noted a red mark on her arm, but otherwise, she wasn’t injured.

After the icy attack, the man made off in a truck. The police report did not specify whether or not he took the fudge bar with him, but he probably did, because while fudge bars apparently make good weapons, they make even better snacks.

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