Morning Must Reads: May 23

Mark Wilson—Getty Images The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

In the News: Secretary Hagel, Bob Dole on VA scandal; Tennessee bringing back the electric chair; Putin to CNBC: Economic sanctions hurt country administering them; Snowden talks to Brian Williams; and 47% of unemployed Americans give up work search

  • Obama is about to face a new Syria crisis moment [TIME]
  • Julian Castro tapped for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development [Washington Post]
  • Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: Someone must be held accountable for VA troubles [CBS This Morning]
  • Bob Dole on VA: “I don’t want to be critical of the president, but he waited 23 days before he responded, and I think he should have done it sooner.” [USA Today]
  • Brian Williams interviews Edward Snowden [NBC]
  • 47% of unemployed Americans have stopped looking for work [TIME]
  • The IRS will rewrite, without holding a public hearing, a proposed rule on the political activities of nonprofit groups, regulations that stemmed from the tea party controversy that rocked the agency last summer.” [Politico]
  • Putin to CNBC: ““Economic sanctions as a tool of political pressure are eventually going to attack the economy of the countries who have initiated the sanctions.” [CNBC]
  • Russian companies active in Syria at risk of U.S. sanctions [Bloomberg]
  • Democrats threw down a deadline for immigration reform, here’s what happens next [National Journal]
  • Someone just spent $1.5 million on a GOP Senate candidate. We’ll probably never know who. [Mother Jones]
  • Tennessee will bring back the electric chair [AP]


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