12 Hilariously Revealing U.S. Maps You Won't Find in a Textbook

Feb 28, 2014

The Echo Nest's recent round-up of each state's most distinctive band generated quite a bit of discussion—and not just because it revealed Kentucky's secret obsession with Fall Out Boy, and Illinois' soft spot for Sufjan Stevens. But it's hardly the first meme-able U.S. map to surprise, delight and/or disturb us.

1. The map that may help you career-switch.

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2. The map that revels in stereotypes.

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3. The map that suggests you might want to date more New Mexicans.


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4. The map that will drive you to drink.

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5. Or eat.

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6. The map that puts America in perspective.

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7. The map that could give you bragging rights.

The United States of Awesome
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8. And the map that takes 'em away.

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9. The map that shows, in real time, how many Americans are not reading American news sites.

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10. The map that'll make you proud to be a Smith (or not).

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11. The map that suggests Florida's most famous brand is Hooters.

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12. The map that introduces the forgotten city of Fort Raccoon.

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