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We Should All Aspire to Be as Joyful and Free as This Chinchilla Rolling Around in a Dust Bath

He's just living his best life

Here’s a fun fact about chinchillas: they clean their fur by rolling around in dust. Another fun fact about chinchillas is that they’re adorable, but that one is a bit more obvious.

The YouTube channel ChinTubeHD (perfect name) has shared a a video of a chinchilla named Taro, “a veteran dust bather,” going to town in 1.5 pounds of fresh dust in a wooden ship. He looks so joyful and free as he just rolls around with abandon. It’s officially time to retire the slogan “Live every week like it’s shark week.” Instead, here’s a new motto to live by: Live every minute like you’re a chinchilla taking a dust bath.

Here’s what Taro looks like when he’s all clean and dust-free:

Another shot of Taro by his wooden ship ⚓

A photo posted by Chinchilla Love ❤ (@chintubehd) on


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