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Court Rules Moms Don’t Have a Constitutional Right to Rant on Facebook

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No word yet on Constitutional protection of poking

A New Jersey appellate court ruled that the Constitution does not provide mothers the right to rant about their families on Facebook.

The decision upheld a judge’s 2011 order that prohibited a mom from making Facebook posts about her children and ex-husband. But these weren’t your garden variety rants. After the mom-in-question attempted to kidnap her kids, she began making Facebook posts about her family that referenced Satan, Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Book of Revelation.

When a judge told the mother, kept anonymous to protect the identity of her children, that referencing her family on Facebook was “off limits,” she began to talk about them using the code name “Camelot.”

This led to a violation of probation, which the mother appealed saying it violated her 14th amendment right of due process and her right to free speech. The appellate court did not agree.

And you thought your mom’s Facebook rants were bad…

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