By Samantha Grossman
May 15, 2014

Last night, Lance Bass paid a visit to the Tonight Show to help carry out a viewer’s suggestion that Jimmy Fallon have somebody come on the show to recreate Big Mouth Billy Bass. You know, that electronic fish that everyone had up on their walls and mantels in the late ’90s for some reason.

We can only assume that when Fallon first received their request, he spent hours crafting an algorithm to determine who’d be the best person for this very important job. Then, he probably realized that Lance Bass was the obvious choice because his name is already Bass, plus he is comfortable with singing (because of his ‘N Sync days) and being up high (because of his astronaut days).

And so Lance Bass very gamely took on the challenge, flopping around on a mantel on national television. He did a respectable job — but good enough to ward off burglars? Maybe not quite.



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