The Brief

Nadav Kander for TIME

Donald Trump: Person of the Year

Every December, TIME names the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year. So which is it this year: Better or worse? The challenge for Donald Trump is how profoundly the country disagrees about the answer

Person of the Year Runner-up: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton made history for three decades as an advocate, a First Lady, a Senator, and a Secretary of State, but she will now be remembered as much for what she didn’t do as what she did. She’s the woman who was almost President

Person of the Year Runner-up: The Hackers

Hardly a week passed this year without news of some kind of digital breach, somewhere in the world, often establishing some kind of record—for sheer scope, for novel tactics or for setting an ominous new precedent. In 2016, hackers took aim at American democracy itself

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the presidential residence on the banks of the Bosphorus

Person of the Year Runner-up: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey's President survived a coup attempt to emerge stronger than ever, while the European Union all but outsourced its refugee crisis to Erdogan and, with it, the future of Europe’s own elected leaders, if not the E.U. itself

Person of the Year Runner-up: The CRISPR Pioneers

Developed just four short years ago, CRISPR allows scientists to easily and inexpensively find and alter virtually any piece of DNA in any species. Now, even as some scientists call for patience and extreme caution, there’s a worldwide race to push the limits of CRISPR’s capabilities


Person of the Year Runner-up: Beyoncé

With Lemonade—an album, an Emmy-nominated film and, as America looked on, an experience—Beyoncé publicly embraced explicitly feminist blackness at a politically risky moment

This photo taken on May 27, 2010 shows C

iPhone Maker in China Eyes U.S. Expansion

Amid President-elect Donald Trump's push for manufacturing jobs to come and stay in the U.S., a company that builds Apple products in China said it's considering a stateside expansion

Fire department and rescue officials works at the scene of an early morning, near head-on collision on Frederick Ave. between Monastery Ave. and Morley Street between a school bus and city bus on Nov. 1, 2016 in Baltimore.

Baltimore School Bus Driver in Fatal Crash Was Speeding

National investigators say the driver of a Baltimore school bus that careened into a transit bus, killing six people, including himself, was speeding and had a history of crashes and seizures. The report found Glen Chappell was driving nearly twice the speed limit when the crash happened

The Night Trump Won, Michelle Obama Went to Bed

As many Americans waited into the wee hours of election night to find out who would be voted the nation’s next president, First Lady Michelle Obama says she was not among them. Instead, she was fast asleep in her White House bed

Pakistan International Airlines plane crash in the north of the country

Pakistani Plane Crashes With Dozens Onboard

A plane belonging to Pakistan's national carrier crashed with about 40 passengers and seven crew members on board, police and an airline spokesman said. The small twin-propeller aircraft was traveling to Islamabad when it crashed shortly after takeoff


97 Killed in Indonesia Quake

A strong undersea earthquake has rocked Indonesia's Aceh province, killing at least 97 people and sparking a frantic rescue effort in the rubble of dozens of damaged buildings. The same area suffered the heaviest casualties in the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami